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Site Access Requirements

TYPES OF VISITORS (Does not pertain to Affiliates)



(U.S. Citizen & Green Card holder, Childcare Center, Vendor, Contractor, Conference Foriegn National and



1. TYPES OF VISITORS (Does not pertain to Affiliates)


  • U.S. Citizen visitor or "Green Card Holding" Visitor (non-federal personnel)

  • Commerce Childcare Center Parent

  • Vendor (including Delivery, Mail, Taxi, etc.)

  • Contractor

  • Conference, Meeting, Seminar Attendee

  • Foreign National 

  • Spouse


    • Individuals 16 years and older must get a visitor badge. 

    • If a person under the age of 16 is alone and requesting entry, the individual is required to obtain a visitor badge.

    • Federal Employees and selected Affiliates can pre-announce a visitor by either calling the Visitor Center (303-497-4433) or faxing (303-497-7402 or 303-497-6370) a Visitor Pre-Announcement Request Form to the Visitor Center. 

    • Federal Employees and selected Affiliates can request a visitor badge be issued for up to 29 days by the Visitor Center. 

    • US Citizen: All categories of visitors, unless otherwise approved, are authorized access to the site anytime, but must be escorted. 

    • Foreign National: Must be approved by MRSO and are only authorized access to the site during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM, but need to be escorted at all times. 

    • Other Government ID - Needs to be Pre-Announced at the Visitor Center and needs to have a Visitor Badge


  • Visitors will need to present a U.S. photo ID (US state drivers license, Passport, US state issued photo ID, etc), Commerce ID (other Government Ids), Green Card or foreign passport. No other forms of identification are accepted. To drive on site, a visitor MUST present a valid state or home nation driver's license.

  • Visitors not able to present required photo identification cannot come on site.


    a. U.S. Citizen Visitor or "Green Card" holding Visitor

    • Must be pre-announced by a Federal Employee or Selected Affiliate who is on the authorized "vouching list."

    • To pre-announce a visitor:  call the Visitor Center (303-497-4433), or fax (303-497-7402) a Visitor Pre-Announcement Request Form to the Visitor Center.

    • When announcing the visitor provide the Visitor Center with visitor's name, date & time of arrival, sponsor's name and contact number, length of visit, building and room number.

    b. Commerce Childcare Center (CCC) Parent

    • The CCC Director will request a CCC Parent Badge by faxing the Childcare Form for a parent to whom the badge is to be issued. 

    • A CCC Parent Badge is issued for up to 1 year or to the end of the year which ever comes first. 

    • A Personal Identification Number (PIN) that will access the CCC will be issued to the parent by the NIST Police through the CCC Director. 

    • A CCC Parent is only permitted access to the site on business days, Monday through Friday, 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

    • The PIN issued for CCC access will also open the vehicle exit lane gate.

    • The CCC Parent Badge is issued at the Visitor Center.

    c. Vendor

    • A Vendor badge is issued to an individual as a company agent; therefore, the company must send a letter on its letterhead to the NIST Police requesting that a vendor badge be issued.

    • The letter must contain the full name of the person for whom the badge is requested; last four numbers of the individual's social security number, his/her driver's license number (if the individual is going to drive on the campus), his/her date of birth, the company point-of-contact (including title and phone number), and the frequency the person will be requiring access to the site.  The letter must be signed by the point-of-contact.

    • The letter cannot be signed by the individual for whom the badge is being requested. 

    • Vendor badges are issued at the Visitor Center. 

    • A Vendor Badge may be issued for a maximum of 3 months at which time another letter will be required to renew access. 

    • The Vendor Badge will provide access during normal business days, Monday through Friday, 6:00 AM through 7:00 PM, unless otherwise coordinated and approved by the NIST Police. 

    d. Contractor

    • Some Contractors may require a Federal Government issued Identification Card such as a CAC or GSA card. Since the process to obtain these cards is protracted, interim Identification Badges will be issued by the NIST Police. NIST Police will issue NIST, NTIA and NOAA Contractors for the length of stay until a GSA card/CAC has been issued. These Contractor Badges can be renewed if necessary.

    • The Contractor Badge will provide access to the site during normal business days, Monday through Friday 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM, unless otherwise coordinated and approved by NIST Police. 

    • Contractors on site more than 30-days require a background investigation initiated through the MRSO. For Outside Contractors an in house background check will be done by the NIST Police.

    e. Conference, Meeting, Seminar Attendee

    • An alphabetical list of attendees must be provided to the Visitor Center.

    • An event Attendee Badge will be issued for the length of the event. 

    • Access to the site is for business days, Monday through Friday, 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM unless otherwise approved by NIST Police.

    f. Foreign National Visitor

    • All Foreign National Forms be submitted to the Security Office.

    • Foreign Nationals who will be on site for more than 30 days must complete background investigation paperwork and submit the associated documents to the security office. 

g. Family


  • Personnel with a NIST Police issued Site Access Card (Employee and Affiliate) and are alone in the vehicle, can enter the site though the left entry lane. 

  • The left entry gate is activated by swiping a badge or using a PIN to open the gate. 

  • Drivers holding an Employee/Affiliate badge with passengers must use the right lane. 

  • All categories of visitors must use the right lane and produce his/her badge for inspection by the security guard. 


  • All personnel entering the site must display a valid parking permit.

  • BLUE parking permit denotes those personnel who have been issued a Boulder Site Access badge. 

  • RED parking permit is used for all visitors. 

  • Non-Boulder Labs Federal employees will be issued a RED parking permit for the length of their stay by the guard at the Vehicle Check Point. 

  • Motorcycles do not require a parking permit.

Site Badge Office (303-497-3325)

Building 1 / Room 4508; Hours: 9:00-10:30 & 12:00 - 1:30

Lost & Found (303-497-3530)


NIST Police Non-Emergency: 303-497-3530

NIST Police Emergency: 303-497-7777

Medical/Fire Emergency: Dial 911 then 303-497-7777