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This database is based on a subset of the Cryogenic Data Center information center established at NIST in 1958, and also includes references from additional literature searches. The literature references cover a time period from the late 1800’s to the present time.
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Listed below are several important publications, by NIST authors. These articles, of interest to the hydrogen community, can be viewed by clicking on the title.

Article Name
Revised Standardized Equation for Hydrogen Gas Densities for Fuel Consumption Applications E.W. Lemmon & M.L.Huber (2008)

Standardized Equation for Hydrogen Gas Densities for Fuel Consumption Applications

E.W.Lemmon, M.L.Huber, D.G.Friend, C.Paulina (2006)
Tables of industrial gas container contents and density for oxygen, argon, nitrogen, helium, and hydrogen

Younglove, B.A. and N.A. Olien

Selected Properties of Hydrogen (Engineering Design Data) R.D. McCarty, J. Hord, H.M. Roder (1981)
Selected Topics on Hydrogen Fuel J. Hord (1975)
Is Hydrogen Safe J. Hord (1976)
Hydrogen Technical Survey - Thermophysical Properties R.D.McCarty (1975)
Thermophysical properties of fluids. 1. Argon, ethylene, parahydrogen, nitrogen, nitrogen trifluoride, and oxygen B.A.Younglove (1982)
Thermophysical Properties of Parahydrogen from the Freezing Liquid Line to 5000 R for Pressures to 10,000 Psia R.D.McCarty and L.A.Weber (1972)
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