Thermophysical Properties of Hydrogen


NIST provides a wealth of thermophysical properties at the NIST Chemistry Webbook site.

Click here for fluid thermophysical properties of fluid hydrogen including PVT relationships, density, enthalpy, entropy, heat capacity, surface tension, Joule- Thomson coefficient, sound speed, viscosity, thermal conductivity, critical temperature, critical pressure, critical density, acentric factor, normal boiling point, vapor pressure (the saturation boundary)Click here for additional chemical, thermochemical and physical properties of hydrogen including gas-phase thermochemistry data, phase-change data, reaction thermochemistry data, Henry’s Law data, gas-phase ion-energetics data, ion clustering data, mass spectrum, constants of diatomic molecules, and gas phase kineticsFor additional properties search the database on the references/publications page.

For information on a PC database that includes hydrogen property information click here.